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The ABCN Foundation enables exceptional students from low socio-economic backgrounds in Australia to achieve their potential in the future world of work, regardless of their background. They  address the educational disadvantage and lack of equal opportunities experienced by these students through our unique 3-year Accelerate program, which combines corporate mentoring with financial support.  Since establishment in 2013 the ABCN Scholarship Foundation has awarded  225 scholarships and over $1.2 million in financial award monies to exceptional but disadvantaged students across the country.  


Results from 8 years of program delivery prove that early intervention is the key to breaking the cycle of economic disadvantage. The program includes a unique combination of corporate mentoring and work-based opportunities plus financial support to assist with educational expenses.


Scholarship applicants face significant barriers due to low-socioeconomic status (low-SES), precarious housing, domestic violence, cultural barriers, and carer/financial responsibilities. Only 50% low-SES students are likely to be fully engaged in work/study post-high-school (vs 82% high- SES) and these students are 25% less likely to complete year 12 than their high-SES peers (Lamb,2020).  Consultation with educators indicates that building connections with positive role models outside of their communities is critical to reduce the sense of isolation and uncertainty. Without support, the disadvantage experienced by these students today is likely to continue into adulthood and on to the next generation

Waratah Edcatio0n Foundation supported the Highly Commended Program

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