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Confit’s program is designed to mentor incarcerated young people to develop a positive mindset around the value of employment and education and provide pathways for them whilst in a supportive community post release.  Confit’s aim is to reduce recidivism in young people between the ages of 15-18.

The program is delivered by mentors with lived prison experience who are currently either working or studying in the community.

The Confit Pathways program has been successfully run in 2 Youth Justice facilities in NSW in 2020-2021 (Frank Baxter and Cobham).

To date >80 young people in the criminal justice system in NSW have participated in the program.

Phase 1> Mentorship through lived experience (9wk or 2 day prog)

Phase 2> Industry training and upskilling (RTO training)

Phase 3> Post release (Education/employment opportunities/community engagement)

Waratah Education Foundation supported four programs, two in Regional NSW and 2 in Sydney.  This will directly benefit approx. 80 young people in the youth justice system.

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