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Ngaoara Limited

Ngaoara is an Aboriginal not-for-profit focused on child and adolescent wellbeing, including issues of child safety, development, and cultural education. 


Ngaoara work with children, families, services, government and non-government agencies to help children articulate their concerns, respond to their needs and support them to develop strategies for healing and growth.


A major project of Ngaoara currently is the Trauma Assessment, Referral and Rehabilitation Outreach Teams (TARROT) initiative, which they are delivering in NSW, the ACT and the NT which is used  to undertake assessments for children affected by Trauma. 


As part of the TARROT work, they have tailored screening tools to better suit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. They have engaged IT expertise to create a software app for the screening tools, so that they may be uploaded to tech devices such as iPads, and self-administered, or completed with the support of health and education staff.


Waratah Education Foundation provided funding to purchase tech devices and software, and to engage a data manager to collate and report on the screening findings in real time to inform care plans and other strategies for students identified as being vulnerable, at risk or affected by trauma, and/or with mental health and social & emotional wellbeing issues.

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