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StreetWork is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation that focuses on prevention and early intervention strategies delivered to at-risk young people in Sydney's north. StreetWork's mission is to ensure at-risk young people have the same opportunities as their peers, which is to grow, to achieve their dreams, and to develop as a person with a high self-esteem through the delivery of innovative and effective early intervention programs. 

Ready for School, Ready for Life is a new program for at-risk young people and seeks to reduce barriers to engaging and re-engaging in education and training. It is an early intervention and prevention program that pairs young people that are at risk of disengaging in education or may have already become disengaged, with a positive adult role model, a Youth Case Worker. Each young person also partakes in a group life coaching education/program.

The program also focuses on stabilising and/or improving a young person’s exposure to specific risk factors that may affect their engagement in education/training, whilst also working to build protective factors such as familial and community connectedness

Referrals to the program spiked in June-Oct 2020 due to Covid. Referrals come from Police, School, Health, Community Services and Youth Justice.

Waratah Education Foundation helped to fund 4 programs across the Northern Sydney Region.

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