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batyr is dedicated to addressing youth mental health issues. They focus on engaging young people in open conversations about mental health to reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking behavior.

batyr employs a peer-to-peer approach, where young adults with lived experiences of mental health challenges, known as "batyr speakers," share their personal stories with school and university students.

batyr conducts mental health programs and workshops in educational institutions, aiming to create a supportive and understanding environment for young people to discuss their mental health concerns. By sharing personal narratives, batyr speakers aim to break down stereotypes and foster a sense of community, encouraging others to seek help when needed.

batyr's mission is to empower young individuals to speak out about their mental health experiences, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and destigmatizing mental health issues within educational settings.

Waratah Education Foundation provided funding for 15 batyr school programs for students from Year 9-12

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