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Selecting Projects

Just as a waratah’s many florets make a beautiful flower, we believe many educational projects can work together to make a profound impact. That’s why we create and implement our own projects and partner with other educational charities to help them deliver theirs.

We choose a project because it:

  • Delivers real value and learning outcomes.

  • Has a real and justifiable need for funding.

  • Is well-run with reportable frameworks in place.

  • Fits within our mix of other projects to help us achieve our “whole of education” focus.

  • Has appropriate governance in place. 

Grant application

If you have a project deserving of Waratah Education Foundation funding, send an Expression of Interest email to explaining:

  1. How your project works and what it aims to achieve

  2. How Waratah Education Foundation funding can help your project

  3. How much funding you are seeking from Waratah Education Foundation and other sources

  4. Who the key people involved in the project are and their relevant credentials

  5. The timeline for how the funds would be used

  6. The performance reporting framework the project will have in place

  7. Relevant documents proving your organisation is a registered not-for-profit and/or charitable by law 

  8. We’ll then be in touch with you to discuss your proposal further.

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