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Rural & Regional scholarships


Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) is a national not-for-profit organisation helping rural and regional youth access post-school education, training and jobs.

The CEF national office, based in Orange NSW, provides assistance, resources, guidance and support to our volunteers and local foundations in regional communities, enabling them to provide financial assistance and 'wrap-around' support to their local students aspiring to education after school.

CEF offer the following key programs, projects and resources:

-Local Foundation Grants and Committee Program. Volunteers provide grants, mentoring and encouragement to disadvantaged students demonstrating need.

-CEF Extra. This program works with partners to provide bespoke financial assistance and other opportunities.

-CEF Alumni Program. Connects past and present recipients, who then engage with CEF by providing content, professional opportunities and engaging with communities.

-CEF's free online resources. "Make it Possible" Rural and Regional Inspirations Hub; CEF Scholarships Guide; University Survival Guide (USG).


WEF provided funding for matched scholarships along with funding for the ‘Make it Possible’ hub.

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