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Eat Up focuses on addressing food insecurity among school children. Their primary mission is to ensure that no child goes to school without a lunch. Eat Up operates by mobilizing volunteers to make and deliver fresh and nutritious lunches to schools where there is a identified need.

Key points about Eat Up include:

  1. Volunteer-Driven: Eat Up relies on volunteers who dedicate their time to prepare and distribute lunches. These volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring that disadvantaged children have access to regular, healthy meals.

  2. School Partnerships: The organization collaborates with schools to identify students who may be experiencing food insecurity. By working directly with educational institutions, Eat Up aims to target those in need and provide support within the school community.

  3. Nutritious Meals: Eat Up emphasizes the importance of providing nutritious meals to promote the health and well-being of the children it serves. The organization aims to address not only hunger but also contribute to the overall development and health of the students.

  4. Community Engagement: Eat Up's model involves community engagement, bringing together individuals, businesses, and organizations to contribute to the cause of combating childhood hunger. This collaborative effort helps extend the reach of the organization's impact.

Waratah Education Foundation provided funding for fresh seasonal fruit for schools in need in NSW.

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