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JEMs is a non for profit grassroot organisation founded in 2011. JEMs provides a framework for children and families to learn, engage, and make a real difference in the broader community in a non-judgmental atmosphere. JEMs run after school activities, camps, leadership opportunities and retreats, Humanitarian and social good projects and community events.


In 2016, JEMs expanded to include teens / high school students, providing them with a safe environment to engage with children from many different schools and backgrounds, giving them cultural opportunities and a sense of belonging. These activities were run under the JEMs Cteen banner.


JEMS would like to create a youth led leadership team, which will empower the teens to take things to a new level. This program includes teens helping prepare programs and projects and reach out to involve other teens as well.  The leadership focus has a two fold mission:

·To further benefit the broader community, by increasing the scale and scope of the humanitarian projects

·To develop the leadership skills of the teens by empowering them to learn about themselves, their talents, and their abilities to make a difference.


Programs will include game nights, planning evenings, leadership retreats, study sessions and the opportunity to hear from various community leaders.


WEF has provided funding to support the Youth leadership team 

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