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The Westerman Jilya Institute for Indigenous Mental Health, ("The Jilya Institute", or "Jilya") is an Aboriginal Community Controlled not for profit organisation, created in response to the 13 deaths of Aboriginal young people in the Kimberley, the subject of the 2019 Fogliani Coronial Inquiry. These deaths, and the continuing deaths of Aboriginal people by suicide, compelled Dr Tracy Westerman AM to act and do something to support improved access to culturally and clinically complex mental health services which could provide measurable outcomes for high-risk communities.

Jilya’s vision is to reduce Indigenous suicides, build resilience and strengthen wellbeing in Indigenous Australians.  Jilya hope to achieve this through leading the development of culturally and clinically informed mental health and suicide prevention responses and increasing the number of Indigenous Psychologists working in Australia, in our highest risk regional and remote communities.

Jilya's research, partnerships, program development and implementation will directly address the critical mental health needs of high-risk Indigenous people.

Waratah Education Foundation supported the Jilya Institute Scholarship program

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