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The Waratah Education Foundation was pleased to announce approval for funding for Kesser Torah College in December 2019.  Funding was awarded to fund the new Mendel Itkin Tzivos Hashem Youth Centre, which will offer a range of services and resources to enable all students in Years K to 6 to develop a strong Jewish identity and achieve their full potential in Jewish Studies.


WEF approved further funding for essential IT equipment, mainly computer equipment required for home schooling. Laptops were purchased for pupils in Year 7-12 and once schooling returns to the classroom they will be repurposed and used to launch the first teacher laptop program KT has had.  KT also purchased 5 ipads and 25 Chromebooks for the younger students and they will be repurposed into the junior school as KT strives to improve their digital learning. 

In addition, KT purchased 10 new interactive smartboards, a laser cutter and several new musical instruments all with the help of funding from Waratah Education Foundation.

Every student at Kesser Torah will benefit from the new Youth Centre and a large proportion will benefit from the new computer and Audio Visual equipment.

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