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Kids Giving Back is a charity providing programs for children 6 - 18 years old, and their families, to assist vulnerable people in the community through volunteering and building the Next Generation of Generosity. Kids Giving Back provides the experiences that enable our youth to turn empathy into positive social change, ultimately leading to engaged citizenship and contributing back into the community. Their work creates a ripple effect, educating, influencing, and empowering children and families we work with to make the concept of “giving back” one that is embedded in their daily life.

Kids Giving Back has established a successful track record of programs for children, families and communities for almost a decade. On the verge of its second decade, the next chapter is a proposed expansion of their programs. The "hub" of the Kids Giving Back programs is located in Paddington base. Kids Giving Back plan to expand across Greater Sydney first, then further regionally in a replicable and mobile expansion. Kids Giving Back proposes to hire a program manager for this expansion who will train culturally and linguistically diverse facilitators from their target expansion areas, engage community partners from those areas specifically, design responsive, educational, meaningful and hands-on opportunities and evaluate each program so that they continually assess the impact on the children, charity partners, populations in need and community response and support.

Waratah Education Foundation part funded the engagement of a new program manager.

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