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KidsXpress seeks to transform the lives of children impacted by trauma and adversity through the delivery of trauma-informed Expressive Therapy and Education Programs. Children aged 4-12yrs are supported in individual and group settings through the delivery of Expressive Therapy. Expressive Therapy combines the psychology and the creative modalities of art, drama, play and music. It is considered best practice mental health support for children due to the safe way it empowers them to express themselves without the need for words.


Our Education Programs are delivered to educators and child welfare professionals with the aim of helping them to better recognise and respond to children who’ve been impacted by trauma. We also deliver parenting programs that aim to build caregiving capacity.

Our programs are delivered at our Macquarie Park headquarters and directly onsite at partner schools. We are the only providers of Expressive Therapy in NSW. Our School Partnership Program is the state’s only school-based mental health intervention service that sees therapists move into a school full-time for 3-5 years and working out of a dedicated therapy space to support the entire school community.

Waratah Education Foundation supported the KidsXpress School Partnership Program

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