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Life Ed NSW’s (LENSW) focus is to ensure that every student in NSW has access to annual preventative health and mental wellbeing programs during their school years to assist them in making healthier and smarter life choices as they transition through childhood, adolescence and onto adulthood.


We aim to facilitate priority access for vulnerable and disadvantaged regional and rural communities.  Life Ed is the largest non-government provider of children’s drug, preventative health and mental wellbeing education Australia-wide. A GST-registered charity regulated by a Board, LENSW successfully delivers programs to 280,000 children across NSW annually.

Life Ed activities include - Accredited Educators facilitate 90-minute, NSW curriculum-aligned modules to schools utilising five unique and innovative methods - Mobile Learning Centres, Pop-Up Classrooms, in-class delivery and the new virtual and on-demand modules. Educators pre-visit schools engaging teachers to select modules aligning with their curriculum and student needs. Children, teachers and parents also receive web resources and online access to facilitate post-session learning to reinforce and extend the concepts covered.

 Life Ed Programs - Life Ed's age-specific modules promote and address Health and Nutrition, personal safety, drug usage (including alcohol and nicotine), bullying, positive relationships, cyber-bullying and cyber- safety. By placing preventive education at the core of our work, we aim to instil in children the confidence to make safer and healthier choices now and in the future.

Waratah Education Foundation support Life Ed's programs in disadvantaged regional and rural communities.

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