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Mirabel has over 23 years’ experience assisting disadvantaged children and families to reach their full potential. They are a leading children’s charity whose mission is to break the destructive cycle of addiction. They achieve this through the delivery of proven programs for children who have been orphaned or abandoned due to their parents’ drug use. When children are unable to live with their parents due to drug related death, imprisonment, or addiction, it is often the extended family who are left to pick up the pieces. Mirabel also provide crisis support and parenting assistance for the grandparents faced with the responsibility of raising the children. Mirabel’s vision is that every child has a childhood filled with love, hope and belonging.

Mirabel provides a wide range of support programs for disadvantaged children and their kinship carers including therapeutic children's groups, educational support, intensive youth support, recreation programs, kinship carer support groups, families in crisis program and therapeutic camps.

Mirabel’s Education program aims to provide a network of educational support to disadvantaged young people and their grandparent carers. A key part of the program is providing educational tutoring to enable young people to catch up on the essential learning they’ve missed. Mirabel’s tutoring options have a four-tiered approach in recognising that some young people need a more specialised approach due to their traumatic backgrounds and life experiences with education.

Waratah Education Foundation supported the Education program

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