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Moorambilla empowers children and youth to think big, dream wide and  connect to country through joyful performance by multi-art ensembles of excellence. Moorambilla Voices is a multi arts education program with equality of access for all. 

Moorambilla Voices:

  • unrelentingly pursues excellence in artistic exposure, learning and performance

  • supports children’s mental well-being, resilience and self-esteem

  • celebrates and develops the Indigenous cultural heritage of regional Australia through consultation and collaboration

  • develops social capital through teamwork, community inclusion and group capacity building


Reigniting our Songline – RIVER SONG: To combat effects of isolation, disconnection and disadvantage, amplified by 2020 COVID restrictions, Moorambilla has developed a new COVID-safe delivery frame. This project is innovative, deeply connected to community and Country and will be delivered with the support of communities it has served for 16 years.


2021 will see the traditional residency camps delivered directly as day camps into nine remote/regional towns to create a living Songline, "River Song", with leading artists across art forms of choral singing, Japanese drumming - Taiko, dance and mixed media and recording. We hope to continue this in 2023 and 2023 as a way of enriching and deepening these connections.


This 3-year community engagement plan will directly communicate certainty to our community members, schools and  parents at this time. This new mode of delivery will potentially give 350 students and up to 200 community members the opportunity to engage with the program in their community onsite. The communities will be reassured that the program will return every year to build on what is learnt and extend this learning in the schools and the community. Further, it will ensure that children continue to experience the proven benefits of high quality arts education programs, such as improved self-confidence and concentration, greater teamwork and collaboration, and increased creativity during COVID-19.


WEF granted Moorambilla Voices funding to support the Reigniting our Songline – RIVER SONG 

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