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PTTR Ltd provides the backbone work to mentor and support currently 88 PTTR communities in all six States across Australia, from remote to urban, Aboriginal and multicultural.

PTTR is a movement which aims to increase the % of children ‘ready for school’ by motivating Australian communities to read, talk, sing and rhyme with children from birth.

20% of Aussie kids start school not ready for learning. If children start school behind, no matter how good the subsequent teaching they will struggle to catch up and that creates many social, health and financial challenges throughout life.


PTTR present at National conferences to share the results of PTTR and this creates an interest amongst communities. PTTR are then invited into the community to commence a PTTR program by providing support and mentoring the community to develop and create a PTTR community.  After initial set up PTTR then provide minimal support and can move onto the next community.



WEF Provided funding to increase the presence of PTTR in regional NSW where there is a great need.

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