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The primary focus of Primary Ethics is to deliver an engaging, age-appropriate ethics curriculum to school aged children spanning from Kindergarten to Year 6 and now, into lower secondary school.

Our focus is that every student in an ethics classroom benefits from the collaborative community-of- inquiry and, through weekly practice, develops skills in critical thinking, ethical reasoning and respectful discussion.


We seek to support our team of volunteer ethics teachers so they can deliver the program successfully. Our vision is that all NSW parents and carers have the option of choosing ethics classes for their child.

Ethics classes provide an opportunity for children to discuss ethical issues with their peers. Classes are inquiry-based and are impartially facilitated by our trained volunteers using approved lesson materials.


Children explore a range of stories and scenarios pitched to their own age group and share ideas on what they ought to do in certain situations and the kind of community we want to build. Many of the skills they develop and practice in ethics classes are of benefit in other parts of their lives.


Ethics classes support students to become critical thinkers with a strong capacity for questioning and inquiry. The overall aim of ethics classes is to help children develop a lifelong capacity to identify and make well-reasoned decisions about ethical issues.

Waratah Education Foundation support the Classroom Support Officers who mentor and support the volunteer ethics teachers.

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