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The Pyjama Foundations’ vision is to empower children in foster care with learning, life skills and confidence to change the direction of their lives. They envisage a world of unlimited opportunity for all children in care and believe that no child should be left behind.

The Pyjama Foundation trains committed volunteers from the community to mentor a foster child in the foster home on a weekly basis. The volunteers meet with the children weekly basis to read, tutor and implement educational play, while offering a safe and trusted friendship. The program has now expanded into numeracy and a variety of life skills, socialisation, and life mentoring. The main objective with our program is to engage the children with their education and to make learning fun.

The Pyjama Foundation operates in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and currently mentors 1125 children living in foster care every week. They have trained over 10,000 volunteers.

The Pyjama Foundation developed The Love of Learning Program to support children in foster care in improve their life trajectory. To achieve this aim, the program recruits volunteer adult mentors, called Pyjama Angels. Volunteers visit a child in foster care each week and engage them in learning based activities and educational play. The Pyjama Foundation has a goal of building a positive relationship with the child as research has found the positive and encouraging mentors are an important influence in children’s lives and this can have a significant impact on attitude towards learning. Pyjama Angels are screened, trained recruited and then matched with a child living in out of home care. Together, they spend an hour a week reading books aloud, playing educational games and engaging in fun, learning activities.

Waratah Education Foundation supported the training of 50 new Pyjama Angels.

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