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RAS Foundation was established in 2007 to help build strong, sustainable and resilient regional, rural and remote communities in NSW. The RAS Foundation achieves this through a range of programs that help rural Australians to realise their potential and make a difference in their community.


Our goal is for a stronger Australia, realised through thriving, vibrant and innovative rural and regional communities. For this to occur, these communities must have the required infrastructure and people with the skills and knowledge needed by their community.


These communities need skilled people who contribute to and play an active part in the success of regional and rural communities. For this to be realised, people need education and leadership opportunities so that they can invest their skills and knowledge into country New South Wales. Our educational scholarships give a helping hand to students from regional and rural communities wishing to pursue further study and training and bring new skills back to their community.


To date, the RAS Foundation has distributed $7.2 million in educational scholarships and grants across Australia.


The RAS Foundation works to bring communities together, by providing education opportunities and capacity building grants that will result in enhanced social and economic outcomes for people in rural and regional Australia.

The Rural Learning Exchange is a NSW Department of Education program that is currently running. The program supports small rural schools by connecting classes together allowing teachers and students to collaborate across the state. The RAS Foundation have identified a gap that exists in this program and are currently working with the NSW Department of Education to fill this gap that they are not sufficiently trained or experienced. The RAS Foundation are eager to support the actual teachers who participate in this program, in particular teachers in agricultural studies. 

Waratah Education Foundation support the Rural Learning Exchange mentorship program.

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