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Soup Kitchen Productions was established in 2017 with a commitment to make “Art for Social Impact”.


The company is also committed to working in an ethical, socially responsible, kind and transparent manner.

Some Happy Day was the first film produced by Soup Kitchen Productions. 

Some Happy Day is a social impact feature film that shines a light on homelessness and aims to challenge perceptions about homelessness in the community, change behaviours and inspire action for change.


The Some Happy Day Education Resource will be created to utilise the film and its messages to educate and inspire the next generation of advocates. The resource will be made available to teachers of students in years 7 – 10, in perpetuity and at no cost to the user.


The resource will be created and marketed in partnership with Cool Australia - a not-for-profit organisation with 182,000 teacher members.

Waratah Education Foundation supported the creation and production of the  Educational resources.

You can watch the film here >


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