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Smiling Mind’s vision is to help every mind thrive and our mission is to provide accessible life-long tools to support healthy minds.


We have an ambitious goal to create generational change in the mental health of Australians by 2030 and we aim to achieve this by equipping Australian children and young people with essential mental health and psychological skills needed to thrive as well as embedding this approach into the systems that surround them (home and school).


We’re working hard to support a mentally fit generation and we aim to reach 8 million children and young people by 2027.

To date, we have achieved great progress towards our goals, reaching more than 7.7M downloads of the Smiling Mind app, delivering our structured school-based programs into more than 1,200 Australian primary schools (of which more than 500 of these are located in NSW) and reaching more than 7M Australian children and young people through our app and school-based programs.


Our digital programs offer children and adults with opportunities to learn about their mind, how to manage and regulate emotions and how to cope with challenges in a practical and accessible format that can be embedded into everyday life.


Our school based programs not only provide wellbeing tools but also readily accessible and highly impactful strategies to support classroom environment, engagement with learning and positive and safe relationships and school climate. We know that wellbeing has wide and far reaching impacts for the whole school community as well as longer term academic outcomes.

Waratah Education Foundation support the development of a skills assessment tool to support teachers in the classroom

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