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Stepping Stone House (SSH) works to break the cycle of homelessness by developing the self-esteem, emotional resilience, self-confidence and good health of children and young people aged 12-24 years old. Development is achieved through a combination of outdoor adventure education, counselling, careers and employment coaching, education and a growing list of 809 life skills.

The SSH model is unique in that young people will often stay for years at the homes, giving them a sense of permanency and belonging as well as the time necessary to undo the impact of trauma on their young lives.

The SSH Educational Support Program aims to fill the gaps in our young people’s learning journey, recognising that there are supplementary learning supports required for young people with a history of homelessness to remain in education, let alone excel. Whether it’s assisting a young person to develop the numeracy skills required for an apprenticeship or coordinating advanced tutoring support so they can pursue a university degree, this program ensures that no young person is left behind when it comes to education.

Through the SSH Educational Support Program, young people are offered the following supports each year; tutoring support; day-to-day homework support from the SSH youth team; monthly meetings with Case Managers to design and implement study schedules; financial support to pay school fees, attend excursions, uniforms, pursue extra-curricular activities (music lessons, sport, language classes, transport to school and stationery, books and other school supplies.


WEF provided a grant to help fund the Educational Support Program


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