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Story Factory is a not-for-profit creative writing organisation based in Redfern and Parramatta. Their mission is to empower young people aged 7-17 in under-resourced communities through creative writing and storytelling. Reading is access, but writing is agency - without strong writing skills, children cannot actively engage in their education.

Their programs have been designed by creative writing experts to build writing skills, confidence, and creativity: essential for young people to shape a better future.

Their creative writing residencies include the delivery of two creative writing programs per term, delivered over seven weeks to two classes of up to 25 students each. StoryFactory are committed to working with schools for a minimum of two terms, in recognition of the benefits of deep and extended engagement in our programs. This will be of even greater importance when students go back to face-to-face learning after a period of significant disruption to their learning.

Storyfactory’s creative writing residencies help students re-engage in their learning and develop vital writing skills at this critical time.

Program content is selected and carefully scaffolded to ensure all students - regardless of their literacy and writing abilities - can fully participate and benefit from their engagement. They will be supported every step of the way by expert Storytellers and trained volunteer writing tutors to achieve the ultimate goal: producing their very own creative work such as a short story, an animation, or a poem.

At the conclusion of each workshop program, all student work will be printed and bound in a handsome anthology, with copies gifted to each student and their school as a way to celebrate and validate their achievements.

Waratah Education Foundation support will engage up to 200 young people in four terms of creative writing residencies at two Western Sydney

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