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Teach for Australia (TFA) attracts impact-orientated high-achievers within and into teaching, supporting and developing them to serve in schools where the need is greatest. To change educational inequity we focus on the people within the system.


Our core work is our Leadership Development Program (LDP). Through this program, we rigorously recruit high-calibre people from all walks of life (graduates & career-changers) to become

‘Associates’ (teachers) and undertake a unique two-year placement, working hands-on in schools while studying their Masters in Education.


With bespoke curriculum and development, we train, support and mentor them to become exceptional teachers who give students the knowledge, skills and confidence to shine.

Associates work where they’re needed most: we partner exclusively with schools serving low socioeconomic communities where disadvantage is often at its deepest. More than half of our partner schools are in regional, rural or remote areas.


TFA has successfully established this pathway and support model for teachers across six States and Territories, with our inaugural entry for our Leadership Development Program intake of Associate Teachers, to commence in NSW in 2022.

Waratah Education Foundation supported the entry of TFA into NSW

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