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The Funding Network brings together forward-thinking funders and businesses, connecting the right people and resources with the right grassroots organisations to catalyse positive social change in Australia. Through their interactive live crowdfunding events, the TFN connect grassroots non-profits to people and organisations interested in investing their money, time and talent to drive social change. This allows TFN to increase the ability of the non-profit sector to deliver life-changing services while spreading the joy of giving and deepening community engagement.

For over eight years The Funding Network has harnessed the power of the collective to do more, give more and change more. Their sights however are set firmly on building the next generation of 'givers' and instilling life-long giving behaviors, TFN has developed 'Giving Heroes', a youth movement that will connect young people aged 8-12 years with causes they are passionate about and empower them to be become active changemakers.

Giving Heroes is about giving young people a say in their future, fueling their passion and giving them ways to get involved.

Waratah Education Foundation provided matched funding for the Giving Heroes Event

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