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Butterfly Foundation is the national charity for all Australians impacted by eating disorders and body image issues, and for the families, friends and communities who support them.


We work to prevent eating disorders and body image issues from occurring, to ensure that the best possible treatments are available, and that appropriate care and support is available for those affected.

Butterfly changes lives by providing innovative, evidence based support services,  treatment and resources. We also deliver prevention and early intervention programs and advocate for the needs of our community. Our strategic goals are to reduce stigma and increase help seeking, to prevent eating disorders from developing, and to improve treatment and support.

In 2020 Butterfly launched its own podcast, Butterfly: Lets Talk.  The podcast connects listeners with experts, people with a lived experience of eating disorders and body image issues.  The podcast is now in Season 3 and recent episodes include body image in early childhood, the role of perfectionism in body image and how occupational therapy can play a role in recovery.

Waratah Education Foundation support the Butterfly: Lets' Talk podcast.  Listen here>

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