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Street gym

The Waratah Education Foundation Limited was pleased to announce approval for funding for the YMCA flagship program StreetGym.


Streetgym is a youth outreach program focused on improving the physical and mental wellbeing of disadvantaged young people. YMCA do this by providing free fitness and recreational activities, along with pathways to other services and programs that support, encourage, and build confidence in young people. Streetgym is delivered in local parks for local young people.


Streetgym provides a unique environment to establish important relationships, participate in physical activity and to increase connection to their community. Young people develop self-esteem, empathy, leadership, resilience and develop critical ‘soft’ skills such as communication, problem solving, team building, initiative, and self-management.


WEF have provided funding for StreetGym to run at San Remo, Central Coast for the next two years and this program should reach over 100 young people.

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