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Tikva was established in 1983 collecting second-hand clothes for families in need, delivering food parcels and then progressing to helping pay bills. Tikva are attempting to alleviate poverty and provide emotional support.  They mainly support families with low income, single mothers, and large families.

Tikva approached the Waratah Education Foundation with a proposal to provide financial assistance to help with the purchase of school uniforms, books and supplies for their many families in need. 

The start of a new school year can be an incredibly stressful and expensive time of the year and for some children they have never had a new uniform.

Waratah Education Foundation therefore provided funding to Tikva Incorporated to help families under financial pressure with the cost of new uniforms and shoes for the new 2020 school year.

Waratah Education Foundation were able to help 41 families with 106 students supported.

Feedback to Tikva Incorporated has been of overwhelming thanks and appreciation with many parents so grateful for the generosity shown to them to allow their children to start school with new shoes, uniforms, books, and supplies.

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