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The Foundation aims to broaden access to psychoanalytically oriented services and initiatives, including those that address issues arising out of the intergenerational transmission of trauma. 

We3 –are three qualified art psychotherapists with deep experience working in Indigenous pre-schools and communities. Their work is psychoanalytically informed and focused on addressing the impact of, and healing, historical trauma.

The fundamental aim of their work is to enable Indigenous pre-school aged children to become learners. The Foundation currently funds clinical supervision for them and are very supportive of their work.

We3 have built up an amazing relationship of trust with a number of Aboriginal preschools and in testament to this trust, have been invited, more than once, by the community to provide therapeutic community meetings on Country to all members of the community.

We3 offer a tailored culturally sensitive program that supports the director to hold steady, who in turn holds the school steady, which results in a more balanced community.

Waratah Education Foundation provided funding to ensure the continuity of this important program

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