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The Yeshiva College is a K-10 Independent school operating in the Bondi community. They strive to produce graduates fully capable of joining the Lubavitch team of community workers in worldwide Jewish communities.

Yeshiva’s vocation is that every Jewish child is eligible for Jewish education. To achieve this goal, we have a college to bring this opportunity to the children of our Sydney community. 

The Chabad of Bondi College Bondi offers a kind and lively Jewish atmosphere where children can attain a distinctive and motivating understanding of their Jewish identity.


Yeshiva approached WEF to request funding for their Digital literacy program.


The main purpose of the program is to educate, empower and motivate students to become technologically literate in order to reach out and enrich others. Students will become technologically literate through an established Scope and Sequence  Curriculum. They will then use digital resources and laptops to then establish blogs and websites to assist local and global communities. Students and staff will then develop a public website that hosts educational resources, teaching materials for new teacher / home-schooling parents and encourages educational sharing and collaboration.

WEF provided funding for the Digital literacy program.

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