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The Youth Impact Foundation (YIF) was created by a group of 10 youth mental health focused charities who developed a model for increasing impact and reducing duplication after one year of working together in a collaborative process. These charities then created a model for impact which ended up becoming the Youth Impact Foundation.

The TIF noticed an increase in the amount of youth charities in the sector and also an increase in young people reporting their mental health had declined, so they founded TYIF in the hopes of reaching more young people with the help of other youth charities by bringing them up to scale to make a great impact on the lives of young people.

For youth the foundation will provide highly scaled, effective and impactful programs, resources and camps through operation multiple brands / organisations that amplify the impact on young people’s protective factors, enhances their wellbeing and leadership abilities in a way that the charities could never achieve on their own due to a range of factors.


In the charity sector this will amplify the impact along with reducing waste and duplication to create a larger impact, sustain operational costs, attract and retain talent, reduce burn out and reduce program churn rate in communities and schools.


TYIF now delivers in school based programs, camps and digital programs for young people through their subsidiary charities. These programs focus on youth mental health and leadership and are evidence based programs. The aim of TYIF is to be able use a high level of scale to reduce duplication and amplify the impact on young people of each of these brands ultimately to change and save lives of young people.

Waratah Education Foundation  are supporting the development of the Youth Impact Foundation

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